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Support Areas

We believe in providing comprehensive support to our valued franchise partners to ensure their success and growth within the Islamia University School System (ISS) network. Below are the key areas of support that we offer:

Infrastructure Setup
Setting up a conducive learning environment is crucial for the success of an ISS franchise. We provide guidance and recommendations for the design, layout, and facilities to ensure that the franchise location meets the high standards set by ISS.

Training and Onboarding

Vendors for Uniform, Books, and Syllabus
We have established partnerships with reputable vendors for uniform, books, and syllabus materials. Our franchise partners benefit from pre-negotiated agreements and access to quality resources, ensuring a seamless supply chain.

IT Support
ISS provides robust IT support to ensure that franchise locations are equipped with the necessary technological infrastructure. From hardware setup to network configuration, our dedicated IT team is here to assist.

Learning Management System (LMS) / Content Management System (CMS)
Franchisees gain access to our advanced LMS/CMS platforms, designed to enhance the learning experience. We provide training and ongoing support to effectively utilize these systems, allowing for streamlined content delivery and student management.

Launch and Marketing
Launching a new franchise is an exciting endeavor, and ISS is committed to helping create a strong presence in the local community. Our marketing team collaborates with franchisees to develop and execute strategic launch campaigns, ensuring a successful introduction to the community.

Ongoing Support

Academic Guidance
Franchisees receive continuous academic guidance, including updates on curriculum enhancements, teaching methodologies, and educational best practices. This support helps maintain the high educational standards associated with ISS.

Operational Assistance
Our operations team provides ongoing support in various areas, including administrative processes, compliance with ISS policies, and day-to-day operations management.

Growth and Collaboration
ISS believes in the power of collaboration and encourages franchisees to actively participate in our network. Opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration with fellow franchise partners are actively promoted to foster a culture of growth and mutual success.
We are dedicated to providing our franchise partners with the comprehensive support they need to thrive within the ISS network.