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Franchise Models

Directorate of Islamia University School System (DISS) present opportunities to join our thriving educational network as a franchise partner. At Islamia University School System (ISS), we offer distinct franchise models that cater to diverse needs and aspirations. Explore the options below to find the one that aligns best with your vision for education:

Full-Fledged Campus
The Full-Fledged Campus model is ideal for entrepreneurs or educational institutions looking to establish a comprehensive ISS school campus. This model includes the complete range of academic programs, co-curricular activities, and facilities. It provides a holistic educational experience for students from early childhood to higher grades.

Primary School Campus
The Primary School Campus model is designed for individuals or organizations focused on providing quality primary education. This model caters specifically to students in the early years of their academic journey, offering a strong foundation in a nurturing environment.

Digital Learning Hub
The Digital Learning Hub model is designed for entrepreneurs interested in leveraging technology to deliver education. This model focuses on online learning platforms, allowing students to access high-quality education remotely.