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Project Directors Message


We are setting high standards for world-class education system. Our competent teachers are working hard to realize their vision of helping children reaching their full potential and to embrace bold transformation. ISS is opening doors that will not only breathe excitement in sports and technology but also innovation that allows applied learning with the guidance of professional educators. We are determined to evolve more initiatives in the coming years to cope up with the rapidly changing world. We will forge a stronger identity in our service to the community and grooming the individuals who will lead the nation towards a better future.

Continuing the tradition of friendly learning atmosphere, we are aimed to include practical learning supported by sound academic basics ISS motivates its teachers to provide an atmosphere for discovery, where students are encouraged to be creative and curious, instead of routinely loading the children with academic burden. We are eager to prepare our students for a rapidly changing and fluctuating world as there is constant struggle to realign with technologies and resources.

Education is a key to survive in today's highly competitive world and schooling plays the role of foundation for every child. If the foundation is sturdy, the child will achieve his personal best in all areas. Islamia University School System is a unique thinking institution that purposefully redefining education through learning, compassion and innovation. This school system is working under the umbrella of The Islamia University of Bahawalpur. Since its formation in 1975, the university is transforming lives of the people through the gift of education. The conventional university-school collaboration provides wide range of benefits to students as well as teaching staff. The university staff occasionally visits school for giving workshops and IT trainings. IUB also provides the facility of career counseling to the ISS students. We are providing top quality education, with well-balanced and relevant curriculum. My mission is to unlock the potential of young individuals and to evolve active and creative minds. We are striving hard to develop an environment with a sense of discipline and a good moral character; where all students will conform to high disciplinary standards and inculcate values of endurance, courage, humanity, sincerity and equity.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rafay

Director Islamia University School System